Don’t Be Afraid to Love Too Much

I had an epiphany this morning, after several interesting conversations spanning the last week or two.

I know that the times in my life that I struggle are the times when I am afraid to connect – and I just realized that I am actually saying that

heart rocksI have often been afraid to love too much.


One of the pieces that led to this epiphany was this morning when a friend in Europe shared with me one of the most beautiful impulses I have heard yet, in relation to the refugee crisis there.

She told me that the government has housed 150 refugees in an unused gymnasium down the street from her home.


Her inclination is to go offer hugs to these people. Not with the idea of giving them something, but rather from the perspective of realizing that these people are so vulnerable right now, so cracked wide open, that there is surely much to be learned and gained from their courage and heart. You can read more about her inclination here:

Due to the growing unrest in her country around the refugees being present at all – she felt it wasn’t safe to go down there personally, so we brainstormed ways to offer that level of connection energetically.

To me, the beauty of her impulse, as a human being coming from love of fellow human beings, is that rather than asking what she can give, she’s actually realizing that she has something to receive from these people – that they have something to give her, and she’s courageous enough to recognize and stay open to that. And her gift to those people, in return, in being open to receive from them, is to remind them that they still have something to give.


At a time when they are in the place none of us want to be in – the apparently powerless place of having nothing to give, only endless needing, she’s effectively offering them back their self respect, demonstrating that they are still very valuable. They still matter.


Coming up with a true way to honor that impulse without potentially sacrificing herself also reminded me how real and important the energetic connection is between us all.

This impulse came from such an open-hearted state. She was not afraid to love too much.

This brought me to a profound clarity about what is happening at the Water Cave Retreat in Colorado next week.

What we are going to be doing is consciously opening up to let ourselves love more.

Our intention is to open up and lean into loving ourselves, our lives, each other and the earth even more: more easily, more openly, and more joyfully, in deeper and deeper trust.


I believe that as we do that, we will begin to act differently as people on this beautiful planet.


While I would love to have you there, and I feel quite comfortable saying that being there in person will be a unique and life-changing experience, you don’t have to be there physically to be part of it.

I am telling you this so you can know clearly what you ARE a part of, whether you are in Colorado or not. I fully believe that because of how things work in this amazing Universe, everyone in my circle – which is everyone – will be affected by what we do in Colorado next week.

This energy will be there for you, and you can receive it as much as you want to in whatever way is right for you.


My invitation to you is to bring it into conscious awareness as much as you can, and join us in feeling it. Help us hold the space for abundant and flowing love in our world, right here and now.


Thank you. I so appreciate you and everything you bring to my life.


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