What governors are running YOUR life?

When my husband was teaching our sons to ride a motorbike, I learned about governors. A governor is a small screw on an engine that regulates how fast it will go.

We were in New Zealand on a friend's farm, and the kids had a chance to try out dirt bikes for the first time. I was relaxed, watching our older boy, who was naturally pretty cautious. In fact, he needed encouragement to keep going fast enough to keep the bike upright.

Our other son – well, let me just say – didn't.

He needed no encouragement for risk taking.


(Matt was the one who, when I told him I was going to learn to fly, said – oh GOOD! I'll get a parachute and jump out of the plane!)

Well, I was a bit nervous about turning Matt loose on the bike – but then I watched Wil get busy with a screw driver and turn a small screw several times.

Matt took off on the bike and just kind of putted away. I was amazed at his caution.

After just one lap he came back mad as an old wet hen.
"Dad, this stupid bike won't GO!"
Wil smiled and backed the screw out a notch and said – "Try that."

Matt rode away a little faster, and made three or four laps before he was back again, wanting more speed.

Wil went ahead and turned the governing screw out a full turn, and Matt got a whole lot faster, and whole lot happier. With the governor released, he was able to go full out, and have a great ride.

Is there a governor operating in your life?

Can you relate to that feeling anywhere in your experience? Are you feeling frustrated, held back? Are you procrastinating in ways that just don't make sense, avoiding important calls or actions that you know would move you forward?

Is there somewhere in your life that you want to go a whole lot faster, and see a whole lot better results – but something inside is holding you back from going full out?

We've all got them – those UNCONSCIOUS governors – set points – that determine how fast we will allow ourselves to go, how much money we will allow ourselves to have, how much we weigh, how successful and big we are willing to allow ourselves to be in our work.

What if you could simply turn the screw and allow MORE success, MORE happiness, MORE ease?

You can. In the areas of your life that are being held back or limited by your unconscious governing beliefs, there are screws to turn that will completely change your results.

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  • Sandy – you are RIGHT, the link was not working, I have changed the instructions so now it's more clear (just sign up in the box at left), and meanwhile, I have sent you a direct email to give you the download link for the book, so you don't even need to do that unless you want the other information. Cheers! Glad you found the article useful!


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