Courage and Love


We are at a beautiful, epic and challenging time in human evolution. I feel sure we are crossing the threshold to a level of conscious connection that is going to change everything in our world profoundly and beautifully.

And, as we can all see, it’s far from a smooth transition.


Part of each of us is fighting tooth and nail to stay separate.

The unconscious patterns we run are crazy, really. We WANT to be real – and yet we hide our opinions or don’t say what we really think. We WANT to feel connected, and yet we stay home alone watching TV. We WANT to speak, write, sing, dance – and often we hold back our voices, and keep our feet planted.


We all make choices that push away what our hearts really want.


That being true, I believe that the most important thing we can do is to consciously create a safe space for the people around us to explore what is inside them.

To help them feel truly, absolutely safe to explore who they are, what they really think, what they really want.


So they can truly show up authentically and BE the beautiful being they really are, and live their dreams.


That’s my big question these days: How can I best create that space where the people I care about feel loved, safe, and free to explore who they really are, with my unconditional blessing and gratitude?


In my view of the world, what this means for me is to love them. To focus on seeing that beauty, and connect with it.

And I know that like most people I carry unconscious resistance to offering this kind of complete, unconditional support. So I see my most important personal work as letting go of any fearful stories I have been carrying about what it will mean, or what will happen if I unconditionally support someone I love to follow their dreams.


That is what I consider courage. The willingness to show up as I am, to open up and support what I really want.


And what I really want is this kind of loving, authentic connection.


This is our most important role for each other as we make this transition. To be courageous enough to make it safe for one another to be open, vulnerable and curious as we explore who we really are, and follow our dreams. Courageous enough to love one another so much that we truly live the beautiful axiom: If you love something, set it free.


And what about the courage to hold that space for yourself?

What if you set yourself free, and let yourself show up just as you are? How easy can you let it be, to be OK? OK to be open, vulnerable and curious as you explore who you really are, and follow your own dreams?


What if we make that agreement with each other – that we will all show up as we are, supporting ourselves and each other in opening, connecting, loving and living our dreams?


What an amazing world we are creating together.


Thank you so much for being here and helping hold this space for me, as I explore what is inside of me, and share it with you.


I am beyond grateful for your presence in this shared exploration. Thank you.





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