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I suggest you keep a list each day of five specific pieces of evidence you have seen that day, which demonstrate to you that a positive shift is happening.

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About Scout…

Scout Wilkins is an expert in courageous living, who for forty years has been learning and sharing the secrets to living life as a joyfully fulfilling adventure.  Her work combines the deep connection with nature she developed as a wilderness guide, the competence and can-do mindset of a highly successful entrepreneur, pilot and mother, with her innate gift for understanding what makes people tick.

For years, Scout made her own trip through the purgatory of deep self doubt, letting her dreams of being a healer fall victim to the gremlin voice inside that said "Who do you think you are?" Eventually the frustration and determination became stronger than the doubt, and she got the help she needed to master her own inner game. She became a powerful healer using the tools that helped her so much.

Now Scout is a bridge for powerful, passionate people who feel like they’ve hit a wall. She specializes in older women who have divorced and are questioning themselves deeply. Through her proprietary system, Traveling LIGHT TM, Scout will reconnect you with the true self at your core, releasing the unconscious programming that holds you back, so you move forward with ease, power and grace. So doubt becomes laughable, and fear will not stop you.

Scout is an international phenomenon, who has worked with hundreds of clients in 13 countries, on six continents.

4 comments on “Change the Question

  • Matthew Brown says:

    Thank you so much for offering to be a bridge to help myself and others unlock our true potential and become what we were always meant to be.  I look forward to finding out how truly great I can be once free of self imposed unconscious limitations.

    • Matthew –

      I’m so happy to have useful things to offer. It’s really amazing, when you really understand how your unconscious mind works and how much control you actually have over that part of your being. I don’t know if you’re downloaded and read my e-book yet, but if you haven’t, I invite you to. You can get it by registering on my site. It’s got a lot more tips and insights.  Cheers!

  • I have only just started this process of asking the question. Yesterday I noticed that after I had finished asking my questions and answering them that I felt lots of joy and excitement and an open expansice feeling. Instead of my mind being filled with doubts it was filled with possibilities and choices. So great,. Thanks Scout. Are you named after Scout from "To Kill a Mockingbird"? Great name. Blessed day!


    • Robin,

      That’s so awesome – that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it – feeling expansive and open. I love hearing that!

      My name comes from having found a path in the woods, but as soon as I was called that, in my mind I went RIGHT to Scout Finch, one of my biggest childhood heroes! Thanks for asking. Have a great day!


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