Change the Question

Use this simple, fun tool to get into action!


As you use this tool, I suggest you make a list each evening of five specific pieces of evidence you have seen that day, which demonstrate to you that a positive shift is happening. This has the double benefit of maintaining a sense of gratitude, which is your most effective possible mindset, and it also trains your unconscious mind to filter for positives – which will change your life.

You will be receiving short e-mail reminders for the next ten days, to help you remember to use this tool.

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4 comments on “Change the question video


    Hi Scout,  I am working on THE BOOK.  up the the part about  Reframing My Limiting Beliefs.  Then  I looked at THE VIDEO again and started to laugh; so now I will change the question to: "WHY IS IT SO EASY FOR ME TOREFRAME MY LIMITING BELIEFS"?

  • Hi, Scout!  I just recommended Change the Question to a friend, reminding myself of this very efffective technique in the process.  Let's see how easy it can be for me to deal with my clutter!


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