What can you do about feeling disconnected?

It has been said that the emotional chaos we have created in our lives is the direct result of a lack of connection. I believe this to be true.


Connection is critical to life and it is our natural state, as proven by science. We ARE connected.  We swim in a sea of connection.

So what’s up with all the overwhelm, addiction and despair?


Why are we so stuck feeling disconnected?


The problem is most people resist connection. Even when we want to embrace it, we fear the vulnerability it requires, and unconsciously hold it at bay with all our might.

Here’s how this works, starting with some currently accepted Quantum science:


  • Everything is energy and at the basic energetic level everything is connected.
  • Your experience is created by what you expect
  • What you expect, and therefore focus on, will expand
  • The focus that matters is unconscious


As you move through your day, you unconsciously focus on the evidence that supports the story you tell yourself about how easy or hard your life is.

That focus becomes your reality.


Thus your story becomes real.


This being true, why don’t we all just tell better stories? Couldn’t we tell the story that we are beautifully connected and all is well?

Sure, we could, and people do, with wonderful results.


The problem for most people is they are unconsciously very attached to their current story.


You have a story about how much money you can make. You have a story about your relationships with other people, and whether or not you have to live up to their expectations. You have a story about how hard you have to make things, in order for them to matter. You have almost endless stories about what you can and cannot do, and who you can and cannot be.

These do not feel like stories, of course. They feel very real.

Science tells us otherwise.


Your reality is just your story that you keep finding evidence to support.


Do you feel resistance to that statement?

What if you could release that resistance, so you could play with this idea and test it out for yourself? What if, as a result, you could feel things more deeply and connect more authentically. Would you do that?

You can connect – the truth is, you are already connected. It’s a fact of life.  It is only your resistance, your story, that makes you believe you are not

If this has shaken the way you think about things, that’s great. Feel how delightful it is to open up a space for wondering if all this might be true. As you do, notice if your resistance begins to melt, letting you move into a new state.


The state of open curiosity, wonder and delight that can be your everyday life.


How does THAT feel?


Earlier this year, I created Risk, Leap, Dream, Dare, a program to reconnect people to this open-hearted state of wonder and possibility. The state that naturally leads a person to know what they most want, and to do it. The state of massive creativity and joy.

I have taken about 70 people through this program with breathtaking, life changing results.  Seeing the participants’ lives change and their connection deepen so meaningfully fuels my own passion to get this program out there even more, to help move people into the amazing possibilities that come from authentic connection.


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Connect. Let your life happen.

Let yourself happen


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Give yourself the gift of deep, authentic connection.