Do you believe in yourself?

I believe in you. So believe in yourself. 

believe in yourselfTruly. I have a deep amount of faith that we are all pretty darn amazing creatures, here to have a grand adventure.

Do you believe in yourself?


Prove it. ACT like it – as in, take the actions that show that you do.

First, decide to believe in yourself.

Second, go find the positive evidence to support it that belief.

Instead of focusing on where you think you are lacking – maybe you think you aren't determined, you lack the will to make things happen, you never quite get things done – choose instead to find the places in your life where you HAVE exerted your will, and you HAVE made things happen.

Look for the positives in yourself and build on those. As long as you insist on focusing on what you are not, I cannot help you. Find what you ARE. Who you really are is beautiful. Focus on that.

This is where conscious choice comes in. You have the choice to focus on your strengths, or focus on your perceived weaknesses. Choose to focus on what you want more of – because you will get it. Whatever you focus on will expand.

My clients sometimes get hard on themselves, and get impatient.

Here's the honest truth about patience. It is great to have patience for yourself and your path, as long as you are making the conscious choices that support you. I would absolutely suggest having ZERO tolerance and no patience for choosing to focus on what you don't want. I hope you understand the difference. You may be carrying unconscious stuff about it being bad to blow your own horn, that you don't meet standards, you don't measure up…I get that. That will show up. That actually shows up for all of us.

The difference is this:

When you hear those voices, say: "hey, little voice, I hear you and I know that that's not true. I am a good person. I have these good traits. I believe in myself. I don't need to be perfect in the way you think. I am showing up, and that's the biggest thing of all."

In the face of that little voice, stand up and say:

"Nice try, little voice. But that's not working any more. I am no longer listening to you. What I really know is that I am a heart centered, capable loving person with a tremendous amount to give. I used to believe what you said, little voice, and now I know it's just not true. It's my choice to not listen to you anymore. I choose to see who I really am, instead of listen to this old story that I bought into as a child, to keep myself safe. I know that's all you are – just a childhood voice. I now choose to own my own life. And I know how much heart I have. I know who I am. And I choose to step into that more and more. So thanks anyway, little voice, but you can go now. I have more important things to do than to listen to you."

Prove to YOURSELF that you believe in yourself and will tolerate nothing less.

And if you want help quieting that little voice for good, let's talk.

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