Be optimistic: If you’re not optimistic you’re not paying attention

Be optimistic it is easier than you think

I began this blog post earlier this morning, and gave it the title and opening line I did, before I picked up my new issue of YES magazine, in which I read this quote:

“If you meet the people who are working to restore this earth and the lives of the poor and you aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a pulse.”

Or, perhaps, if you are feeling hopeless, it’s time to ask yourself,

“What am I choosing to pay attention to?"

The mainstream media has basically one voice. And it is a voice that loves doom and gloom, scarcity and fear.

be optimisticI threw out my TV long ago, and I am very conscious of what I listen to on the radio. I stay in the conversations that move me toward feeling the way I want to feel, the ones that are seeking reasons to be optimistic and hopeful.

While I can’t stay there every minute, it allows me to move back into love and optimism when I get caught in fear and lack.

My issue of YES magazine (the single magazine subscription I maintain) arrived a few days ago, and I have to tell you – this magazine provides a view into the new world as I believe it is unfolding.

I am personally seeing way too much movement toward consciousness and love to believe that we are doing anything other than moving massively in a completely new and positive direction. And the more people who turn and focus in that direction, the better of we will all be.

I am not saying to be a Pollyanna. But I do know that there is always evidence to support every position. You will find the evidence you seek. If you follow the news, you will be fed evidence that things are pretty damn hopeless. On the other hand if you choose to read something like YES magazine, you're going to come away inspired and ready to roll up your sleeves and do the one little thing that occurs to you to do. 

Which might be, simply to maintain an attitude of hope. Please know – if that's "all" you can do, it's a lot.


I hope this helps you to let go of the fear and focus toward the direction you want to go.

It all reminds me of a parable I’ve heard many times, about an Indian elder and his grandson.

The grandfather told the little boy that there are always two wolves fighting inside of him, one which is scared and defensive and the other is loving and kind. He will feel them fighting inside him as he moves through his life.

“Which one wins, Grandfather?”

“The one you feed.”

Go ahead be optimistic


PS the link to YES Magazine is not an affiliate link – I just love passing on this magazine. Please check it out and let me know if you do too!!


PPS. Please, if you wonder what you can do – please consider starting by simply forwarding the link to this posting to people you know who are struggling to have hope. Thanks! I really appreciate it.

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