Take a Leap of Faith

Two day workshop for women, January 25-26, 2020
Kennewick, Washington

A vibrantly integrated approach to calling in your true desire and taking care of business to make it happen.

Come join us for two day’s immersion in experiencing how beautiful a leap of faith is from a womans’ perspective, inside a woman’s body. 

Get clear on what you REALLY want to accomplish. 

Ask the big question: What is the next thing your soul yearns to express and make real in this world? Feel into and imagine your desire using all your wild bold creative ways of expression. Access the power of your fantasies, the place where all creation begins.

Develop a plan around what wants to emerge.

Once you have called your dream in with all the deep feminine FEELING you can muster, you are ready for words, lists and plans – the more masculine, expressive side of the equation. Toggle back and forth between the two energies for a truly integrated plan that feeds all parts of your system:

  1. Name your leap of faith. 
  2. Be supported and begin to ground your fantasy into reality. 
  3. Present your leap of faith to an appreciative and loving circle of women, have it witnessed, nurtured and fed.
  4. Feel the triumph and excitement in your system as you return home with your clear vision in beautiful art and words, a list of your next steps in hand and a powerful partner for support, ready to take real world steps toward your dream.

Leah and Scout share the conviction that supporting the rising feminine has no energy of a pendulum, but rather is the sacred feminine rising to meet, challenge and call forth the equally powerful sacred masculine. Both energies, in the process, come closer to the power of their potential, limited only by the size of what can be imagined.

Somatic journeying. Feel the physiology of embodiment: FEEL IT.

Let the crystal bowls vibrate the truth of your power at a cellular level so you can FEEL it.

Working with horses, experience the raw FEELING of your personal power in your body. 

FEEL your heart opening with the medicine of the cacao welcoming you into the space of your wildest imagination.

Jan 25-26 in Kennewick, Washington

Saturday the 25th 

Arrive at 9 AM at the beautiful private venue.
We will be providing a light breakfast, snacks, picnic lunch and simple dinner.
Open with Crystal singing bowls, and move into Leap of Faith teachings.
With a picnic lunch, we will take a short drive to do somatic embodiment with horses on a farm. Return to the center and rest into Mayan Cacao ceremony, storytelling and sharing.
Ending at 7 PM on Saturday. 

Sunday, Jan 26th

Arrive at 9 AM with sleeves rolled up, ready to manifest.
Light breakfast, snacks and lunch will be provided
Crystal bowls and cacao will support our embodied and facilitated work on specific chosen leaps of faith. 
This will include art, group practice, a presentation, partner work on action steps and a summation of the steps covered.

Ending at 4PM

Price: $250.00

Maximum participants: 15

Included: Breakfast, lunch dinner on Saturday, Breakfast and lunch on Sunday
All materials, teachings, cacao, bowls, access to horses (bring closed toed shoes and warm rugged clothing)

Not included: Lodging, transportation (rideshare to the farm intended)

Meet the facilitators:

Leah Dietzen, leahdietzen.com
Leah has been walking the path with animals and the land since she was a little girl, but the spiritual journey was amplified following a near death experience.  She is a student and teacher of many different esoteric spiritual teachings, is a Mayan Cacao and Fire Ceremony holder, Pranic Energy Healer and Animal Communicator & Trainer.  She has worked with horses since childhood and trained with various teachers throughout the world, she now offers horse integration and energetic boundaries facilitation. She also teaches yoga, offers guided hiking and backcountry experiences, integrates dance, art and music and various other modalities and enjoys deeply listening to the land.  She currently resides in Peru and has studied with various indigenous teachers throughout Peru, Guatemala, Nepal and the Northern America’s and believes in a balanced approach to walking this path and brings light hearted humor into the journey to add perspective, playfulness and fun.

Scout Wilkins, travelinglight.life
I am a wilderness guide in southern Utah’s red rock country. My proudest achievements have all been in the area of relationship. I help people get past their fears, doubts and even terrors, so they get to the places they didn’t think they would ever, ever be able to go.

I take great satisfaction helping people (including myself) develop a more powerful relationship with themselves and the world around them. 

I am also a certified Life Coach, NLP practitioner, Hypnotist, private pilot, engineer, quantum science enthusiast, builder, artist, writer/storyteller and player of the Crystal Bowls.

I love to explore new worlds, I love to be a part of things that work well and are beautiful, and I love to be a fully, joyfully engaged human together with other excited, engaged and engaging humans. 

To me, being engaged means throwing myself into something, heart and soul. I love to get excited, dive in deep, figure out what I need to know, and work to master the nuances, so I can get good at it and enjoy it. 

This means taking a leap of faith.

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