A Commitment to Being Fully Alive

I am fiercely determined and committed

To being in right relation with life,

And with MY life,

So I am living the truth of my soul,

passing on what matters most to me.


What matters most to me is

Being a full participant in life.

Open to the wild and unbridled delight

of being fully alive.


Living with love, curiosity, anticipation and optimism.


Living in the awareness and presence

that allow me to be willing to stay open  

Where previously I have been closed and protected.  


This is what I think of as traveling LIGHT,

carrying less and less of anything

that keeps me from being

fully and beautifully alive and engaged

in this moment

With an open heart…


Carrying everything I need to do so.

Which is precious little but very important.


Nurturing my beautiful antennae

that let me know what is right

In each moment


Building the peaceful congruence inside

Which allows me to

speak my own mind

Without rancor or resistance, but

With love, laughter and power

Letting life move through me.


Living a life that I love,

Fully engaged.

Exploring my fascinations with curiosity and delight

Sharing what I love and what I am learning,

The dots I am connecting.


Surrounded by, inspiring and inspired by others

Who are living lives they love

Fully engaged.

People who are ready, willing and able to explore their own fascinations,

And visit their own scary edges

With fascination, curiosity and delight

sharing what they love and are learning,

The dots they are connecting.


Helping one another through this process of emerging

as who we really are

By being our beautiful selves

In right relation to each other and life.


I hope you’ll join me in this.

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