What about your wild and precious life?

At the end of your life, what will your heart remember?

Are you doing what really matters to you, now, or are you waiting?

Do you feel like you’re hiding the bigger parts of who you really are?


Did you say yes?


Know that you are not alone. I’m asking these questions because I hear them from my clients every day. They were once my questions as well, going through what you are going through now. These are the real questions, the biggest questions.


In my work with women from around the world, I have come to see that there are three core pains that are absolutely sucking the very juice out of your bones, leaving you a grey, wizened image of the vibrant, boldly colorful, engaged, lively beautiful being that you truly are.


The Three Core Pains of Women Who are Waiting


Pain # 1
"I am so sick of feeling like I am squandering my precious life energy."


This pain comes from buying in to a cultural myth that something – anything – is more important than the truth of your heart. Frankly, you’re tolerating things that you wish you weren’t tolerating, letting your life force drain away one tiny drop at a time. You’re giving yourself excuses and making it OK to put off what’s important.

Is it really?

If you are here, reading these words, what you really know, when you go inside and listen, is this: You’ve got something big to offer, and you are not doing it. Not really, not whole-heartedly, not in the way your heart will do it when you turn it loose to fly.

Otherwise, you would not be here. You would be out doing it.

I get that this is a pain so big that it’s almost too hard to allow yourself to feel it.


Pain # 2
"I am so utterly exhausted from all this struggle,
trying to make things different."


Even when you stop letting it be OK, and you become determined to change things, to get out there, to follow your heart, it doesn’t happen. So then the pain becomes self-doubt and you start to beat yourself up even more.

Why am I putting up with this?

The painful truth – but also the truth that will set you free, is that you are keeping yourself in chains through your unconscious decisions and beliefs. That’s hard to hear, but the good news is that because those beliefs are inside you, the power to change them rests within you as well.

Tolerating your conditioning is your prison, and fighting your conditioning without the right tools is exhausting you.


Pain # 3
"I feel so utterly and achingly alone I just want to quit."


This loneliness may be the worst of all. It comes from being so cut off from your life force, that hot juicy living energy in your heart. It leaves you in a dried up, passionless desert, feeling alone, unwilling or unable to reach out, and deeply frustrated and sad.

The more successful you appear to be, the deeper this pain is. You look around at others who seems to be doing so well, and imagine that inside they are doing as great as they look. But know – they may well be looking at you the same way.

There’s so much façade. And all the façade just deepens the loneliness, the alienation and the deep, core sadness that pushes everything else out, makes it all colorless and lifeless. Your head is committed to maintain the façade at all costs – your heart is screaming to put it down so you can really connect.


The day is coming when you will be at the end of your life.


Will you be satisfied that you truly gave it your all?
Will you be content, knowing you truly lived?
Will you have made the difference you want to make, been the influence you want to be?

Modeled everything you wanted to model, for your children, or those you love?

Make no mistake. This is a real question, too.

The same day that I was last in the cave, in August, a dear friend of mine went to the doctor because she’d been feeling bad. Out of the blue, she learned that she has only weeks to live.

She was able to hear this with peace, because she has truly lived from her heart for so many years. Her answer to that question is, I am OK. I have lived the full expression of myself, and I am satisfied.

Imagine the day you will get that news, if you get any warning at all.
It’s coming to all of us.

What will your answer be, at the end of your life?


It is time, right now. There is no other time than now.


It is time to DO what matters to you.
To live, today, from your heart, in the way you most want.
 So you matter, your life matters, in the way you most want.


As a powerful woman, you need full access to your heart, and deep connection with others like you.


Are you struggling to keep believing in yourself? A woman who has had a solid taste of your own power, but are losing touch with it, fighting to keep sight of who you are and what you are here to do?

Maybe you have begun to step boldly toward your dreams, and you’ve made real changes based on what you really want – and now you’ve had a setback, and just can’t get it together again for one more push.

Maybe you are just feeling so alone you’re about to give up. You look around and compare yourself with others who look like they’re doing just great. They don’t seem lonely, or stuck. So you beat yourself up a little more.

For one reason or another, you are saying:


Maybe they were right.

Maybe I don't have what it takes.

Maybe I was kidding myself.
Maybe it’s just too lonely.

Maybe I was crazy.

Maybe I'm not as big as I thought.

Maybe it's too much.

Maybe they were right.



From deep inside your heart is whispering – they were NOT right.


Please don’t give up on yourself.

Reach for and connect with this core truth:

There is nothing more important than knowing what matters to you, and doing whatever it takes to make it happen.


Live from this place of conviction


This is what happens in the cave. You enter this steamy, warm, beautiful cavern and the first thing you notice is the heat and moisture. There’s a large, low pool of steamy water keeping the temperature hot and the air thick and humid. Water is dripping off the ceiling of the cavern, and you hear the sound of a stream of water running.

You sit quietly on a cement bench that runs the length of the cavern. As you get quieter and quieter, there is an unforgettable, surreal sense that you are actually a part of the water cycle of the earth. And that the earth herself is speaking to you directly, asking the questions that really matter, in a profound and deeply loving way.

So that you cannot help but have the honest answers flow from your heart out into the world.


The cave will take you to know yourself, and what is in your heart.

Miracles happen here. Lives change. Women leave here absolutely connected to their passion.

The cave is an echoing chamber of inner resonance. A chamber through which the waters of the earth pour, drain, flow, drip, and just float as vapor. The cavern is silent – if you are talking about human voices…but far from it when you listen to the water, and to the earth. The voice of the earth is powerful and clear.

Your experience in this phenomenal place will be to be taken deep inside yourself, as you are sitting deep inside the earth, to be questioned in a deeply loving way about how you are living your life, what most matters to you, and what you are doing about it.

In direct answer to Pain #1, The cave will ask the questions that will take you to the heart of your truth. You will feel your truth in your body and soul, and that sense that you are squandering your life energy will disappear.


As you get clear on what it is you need to do,
I will lead you to clear the way to doing it.

You will no longer feel exhausted trying to make things different


What is standing in the way? Once you are clear on what you are here to do, the question becomes:  There’s a simple reason you’re not doing this yet: your life long unconscious conditioning is stopping you. The surface level “shoulds,” the “who do you think you are’s” and the “but I can’t do that’s.” And the deeper, hidden beliefs about what you do or do not deserve.

Release Your Conditioning Now. My role is to take you deep into your unconscious to hear and release those voices forever. I have guided hundreds of women, around the world bring my profound innate gift, polished with cutting edge training and skill, of being able to take you deep into your unconscious, to hear and release those hidden voices. Using hypnosis, NLP, visualization, movement, energy work, journaling, dream interpretation, art and many other modalities, I will take you to the root of what is not serving you, so you can release the conditioning that is holding you back.

I can understand

Clear the Way to Living in Peace and Courage.


Response: No more hand-me-down beliefs. You will actually get your unconscious working with you instead of against you, so you have far more energy and life force available. I will guide you to find and release this conditioning so you no longer tolerate living under hand-me-down beliefs that don’t serve the biggest you. So every part of you allows you to SHINE.


Once you know what is in your heart to do,
And you have cleared the way to doing it,

You need a community of women who see and support your dream.


You have a big dream, and you may be watching yourself do everything but the things that will move it forward. You've made a lot of changes. You started. You saw the possibility. Now maybe you feel stuck and it feels impossible…but wait! Don't stop believing. That doesn't have to be the last word.

Your tribe will help you.

Your tribe will have seen your biggest self, your brilliance, and know your dream. These are the women who, when you falter or stumble, will hold the torch until you can step back on the path. Women who remember your vision when you can't quite see it for yourself. And then hold you in that space as you grow into it, until it fits like a glove.

Leave the cave with connection


Everyone needs help. You need community. We were not meant to do it alone. People who have been to the cave with you, and you have come through together.

They will have seen your heart, felt your true power, and will help you remember when you falter or forget.

In direct answer to Pain #3, you will be a part of an amazing community of powerful, loving, supportive women who have moved through all this together, and who will be an ongoing community of support who may well be part of your life forever.


Is your own expertise keeping you from reaching out?

Are you caught in this double bind?

So many times, women believe their own tools or systems should be able to get them where they need to go. If this is you, you’ve hit the double bind. It is very common to hit a wall that you believe your own work should get you past. So you don’t ask for help, while your doubt deepens. You think: “If my stuff is so good, if it really works, why am I in this dark place?”

If you're in that place, please know that you are not alone. Far from it. The most devastating pain in the double bind is the sheer loneliness. Trying to do it all by yourself. Feeling unable to talk about it with others. Even though they might be in the same boat, feeling the same way – doubting themselves and hiding it.  This is where connection with others of like mind and heart makes the critical difference.



This is about taking back your life.


  • When you come to this retreat, you will come away deeply grounded in who you are and what you are here to do, on a level you have not previously felt in your life.
  • You will have a deep and clear conviction of who you are and what is most important to you, what brings you joy, what your life is really about. This clarity will create a deep new sense of possibility, and open doors which you may not have seen or considered to be within your reach, until now.
  • You will have clearly stated your soul purpose, which will resonate through your being. This which serve as your north star, so you can guide your life in the direction you truly want to go.
  • You’ll come away with anchors that can take you back to the cave experience at any time. Resonant recorded meditations, hypnotic inductions, and the beautiful soul-full art and journaling you will have created.
  • You will be part of a tribe, a heart community of strong women who have taken an amazing journey together, and are committed to supporting one another on the path forward.
  • You will be held in the community energy through three months of focused and loving coaching, with my intention being to create an easy way for your tribe to stay deeply connected for years to come.
  • You will be doing what matters. You will know how to come out of the darkness. You will not waste another day waiting for your soul.

It is not true that you will never again doubt yourself or struggle in life. How rediculous would that be? What will shift is that at your very core, you will know that it is worth whatever it takes to figure it out, to get more and more connected to the light inside of you. You will know that light is real, you will have experienced the feeling of it, and you will know its value, beyond question. Which is to say – you will know your value.


How much longer are you willing to wait?


You can say no to this opportunity, and many people will.  Honestly, many will say they wish they had the courage, or the money, or the time, or whatever resource gets blamed for being in too short a supply.

Did you know that the root word for courage is heart? If you could ask your heart – what would it say?

I can't afford it.

Can you afford not to? Only you know. What is your life worth?

I don't really know this can work for me…after all, I'm  ________. (fill in the blank with whatever your favorite way of holding yourself back is.)

I would love to help you question that belief.

Is it too late? Maybe I'm too old…

Do you know how old you're going to be in five years if you don't do this? The exact same age as you will be if you do.


What will happen if you don’t do this?


Think about the loss to the world, which is waiting for you to bring the gift that only you can bring.

What will happen to the people you may have helped? The difference you may have made? What will happen to your children, as they watch you talk a good line but not really take the steps that make it happen? They hear you say you're worth it – but then they see you not invest in yourself. You tell them to follow their dreams…do you do it yourself? They will follow your example. What are you modeling?

There's one thing for sure – If you are in the place I have described, and you're loosing faith in yourself and your dream, beginning to turn and look back, or just stuck and treading water…it's time to make a change. Are you going to invest in yourself, and make up the money…or are you going to wait, and lose time that you can never, ever make up?


What will it feel like, when you do step forward to meet your life in this way?


Picture waking up in the morning, with your mind already racing around what you will do today, because you are so excited about what you're up to. Watch yourself spiral upward with the energy that comes with having people respond to your enthusiasm and positivity, your self-belief that in turn gives THEM self-belief.

Feel the tingly zing that flows through your heart and solar plexus, as you breathe into any fear and turn it into excitement, creating the electric pull that adds beautiful magnetism to your life. Hear what people are saying to you, and hear what you are saying to yourself. The way my family responds, the way I live the day, I make room in my life for me. My friends are amazed, they barely recognize you. At last you know the time is now, you find yourself waking up before the alarm

See yourself talking with one of your sisters from this program, sharing your latest win…or your current challenge. Feel the power of sharing all of it, with someone else who is on the same path.


Please trust me on one thing – almost NO ONE who is in this space, ready for this level of transformation, has the money to do this in their sock drawer.  Which is why I work so diligently to make absolutely sure that you get what you come for, and that long before we are through, you will join the ranks of people (below) saying – I am so, so glad I made this choice. It was not easy, I didn't know how I was going to do it, really – but I knew I could NOT do it.

That's who I want to work with, and who I want to connect you with – this group of powerful women who know it is your time, your are here to do big things, and nothing is going to stand in your way.


In partnership with the earth, I offer the Water Cave Retreat.


Are you ready to…

Go into the cave and let it help you reopen your connection to your heart,

Go deep and release the conditioning that is keeping you from living from your heart, AND

Go on to become part of an enduring circle of powerful, connected women who will be there for you, as you will be there for them?


Why the group experience works so well

How is it going to work, how am I going to change.


Here are some real-world details:

The Water Cave Retreat takes place at the Weisbaden Hot Springs Hotel, in Ouray, Colorado, about two hours south of Grand Junction.

The group that gathers is small – there is a maximum of eight participants for each retreat. We meet in a beautiful house on the hot springs property, where we will share the experience, create meals, and hold one another in the space of deepening and growing.
Food and Lodging are included. A few of us will be staying in the beautiful house where we will be meeting; the rest of the group will have rooms in the building where the vapor cave is located. Everything is right there on the property. We will take all our meals and have our meetings in the house. Food will be beautiful, fresh, simple and wholesome, prepared in the house. We will eat together, deepening the sharing and bonding as we do.

Your investment will include:
•    Retreat lodging, food, hot water/vapor cave access. The meals will be easy, fresh, healthy, and wonderful.  There will be plenty of snacks and drinks between meals, with everything designed to physically support the deep inner work we'll be doing.
•    All associated training, energy sessions, and materials.
•    Three full months of follow-up group coaching and support to help you integrate what you discovered, and bring it into your life in a peaceful and powerful way, along with a coaching gym which you can call at any time with a specific question.

This is a program unlike any other.

From the outside, other people will call you courageous. From the inside, it won't really feel like courage. It will feel more like love.

You will be immersed in curious and creative energy from the moment we come together, and you will be held in that energy the entire time. This is going to be a full-immersion experience for the time we are together.

Do you like to dance, play with colors, textures and images, relax and let your creativity bubble up? This will be the place for you!

There will be an enriching balance of solo time and group time, both in the cavern and outside; we will incorporate physical energy movement, art, journaling, singing, dancing. I will lead hypnotic sessions that will guide you deep into your own stories, beliefs, and values, so you can explore and release what is no longer serving you. So you can welcome and take in what will serve you, as you move into the next phase of your life.

The more easy, playful, relaxed and loving energy we create, the easier it is for you to release your resistance, to let go of the old beliefs and decisions that have not been serving you, so you can joyfully and gracefully step into the new patterns.

Throughout the retreat, you will toggle back and forth, between worlds. You’ll go into the cave mornings and evenings, getting more and more deeply in touch with what matters. Then you will come back to the surface, and explore what’s in the way of living that – so you can clear the way to living in peace and courage.

The Transformation

It combines the most powerful aspects of my personal breakthrough sessions, integrative coaching and energy balancing. You will experience an unparalleled depth of soul experience in the cave, then I will take you deep and hold space while you reclaim your inborn ability to access and use your true power.

In the process, you will create a community which will support you to integrate that power back into your life and the world in your own best way.

More tangible I use my years of experience and the most powerful tools available to give you what you need, to go where you need to go, to release what is not working and create deep new connection. Connection first, with yourself, and then with others, so you can make this new empowered sense of connection a permanent part of your life.

Please click here to view retreat dates, pricing, payment plans and availability

If your heart is called, you will be hearing from her.




Here’s what some of my clients have to say about our work together:

What can I say – this turned my life around…

I was feeling so desperate and I really thought at times that I was going crazy before working with Scout.  I felt so stuck.
Since I began working with Scout I have found a level of acceptance of myself that I have never experienced before.  I now have tools to use that help me get back on track whenever I need them.  She has helped me to remember what I already know deep inside of me – what is really true for me.  Scout is reliable and honest and caring and she knows how to really get to the core of whatever is holding you back from being your best and most beautiful self.
Scout, I will be grateful to you for all of my life – my wonderful life that lies ahead of me, about which I am now excited and inspired.
- Deborah Wilson, Geelong, Australia


I'm looking forward to the future…

Although I knew that I am very good at what I do, frustration and repeated disappointment had taken away the passion I used to feel for the transformation I help my clients to make.  I was afraid of everything.  I knew that this was coming over to potential clients because business coaches repeatedly told me so and my results reflected this. I just didn't know how or what to change.
My belief in myself and the transformational power of what I do has changed and I have been able to speak from the heart to prospective clients.  I know that I have already made a step change in how I feel about the possibilities that are flowing to me. I'm looking forward to the future.
Caroline Putus,  UK www.enjoyriding.com


I reconnected with a long ago Me and I’m happy to have her back!

I suffered a stroke, and took the message to be that if I didn't find a safe place in my spirit to handle the particulars of my life, I would most probably have another stroke at sometime into the future.
Scout guided me through a process meant to engage the unconscious, challenge the dogmas, and complete the experience with a more integrated, authentic, empowered self-identity to replace the old model. I feel like I’ve just reconnected with a long-ago Me, and I'm happy to have Her back.
- Martha Donnelly, Virginia, USA


Prepare for the best journey of your life…

I would tell anyone considering work with Scout to be prepared for the best journey of their life. I think of what I found as the inner diamond, the part that doesn’t change and can’t be destroyed. It’s an inner diamond. And it’s there. It’s there. You just have to find your way to it.
- Laura Routledge, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


I was getting in my own way and didn’t even know how…

I was getting in my own way but I didn’t even know what I was doing to do that. Working with Scout helped me look at everything totally differently, like one of those light bulbs on top of my head. For me, it was a realization. I totally understand now how to create situations for myself where I can be most successful because I understand how I’m wired on the inside.
- Jill Lane, Texas, USA


I am so grateful that I will no longer be wasting my life on self-recrimination…

I first came to Scout because I was tired of beating myself up for any mistake that I made…now I find myself able to start new challenging projects that in the past I didn’t want to try because I might not complete them perfectly.  I heartily recommend working with Scout. Her kindness and enthusiasm for her work is a pleasure to work with. Even a century of life is short. I am so grateful that I will no longer be wasting mine on that self-recrimination.
Sarah Roubik, Hamilton, Montana. USA