Values Exploration

This set is designed for use by people who have been through the Traveling LIGHT foundational training, or are well in to the Risk, Leap, Dream, Dare program. There is a certain level of loosening up your grip on your old stories that happens in those programs, which deeply supports and is supported by this values work.

As you have been learning, you are constantly filtering incoming interactions according to your previous experiences. When left unconscious, this process continually re-creates your day to day experience to match old patterns.
Your most fundamental set of filters are your values.

Your values are the basis for the meanings you assign, and so they create your beliefs. Your beliefs, and the meanings you have adopted around them, lead to your emotional states, which lead you to actions that create your results.

It all begins with your values.

Your values create your unconscious motivation in life.

Sometimes that motivation is beautiful, consistent, loving and takes you right where you want to go.

Other times, that motivation is reactionary, resistant, and creates a yo-yo effect that has predictable, confusing and painful effects on your life, and your relationships.

I have designed this process to lead you to explore what you value, and to understand at the deepest possible level where your values are serving you to be congruent, happy, curious and peaceful…and where they are not.  Where unconscious conflicts and rejections are wrecking havoc in your system, completely unnecessarily.


This is not about changing your fundamental values. At ALL.

If you value freedom, you will not be asked to give that up. What we are doing is checking in to see if the way you are holding that value, and the meanings and experiences you have connected with the concept of freedom, are actually making you more free – or holding you hostage.


This is about coming to live in beautiful and powerful alignment with your most deeply held values.


You will elicit and then order your values, determine whether you are motivated toward them or away from the lack of them, what that means in your life, and explore where they may be in conflict. This will lead into a second part of the process, in which you can explore what you may be committed to at an unconscious level, that is holding you hostage to a pattern you may not even see.

This is most definitely a companion set. Please use the two together – don’t try to use the work book without listening to the audio, and stop the tape to do the exercises in the workbook as instructed.

The beauty of this being a pdf that you can download is that you may find that after working in one area, you want to do the work in another. You may want to start with overall life values…and then do the process for relationship, or career…the sky is the limit.

If you’re ready, it’s time now to start digging in and having a look at what’s motivating you in your life…what you believe…what meanings you assign to things,
and how making new choices in any or all of those areas might affect your results in life.

The place to start is with values.

I give all kinds of explanations in the accompanying work, so I am not going to repeat myself here – but I will say this:
The importance of doing the work in which you explore and clarify your values can not be overstated.

Simply put: when a person develops new strategies, releases old beliefs, or changes old habits, they say,
“Thank you, you helped me solve this problem.”

When they align their values, they say,
“Thank you, you helped me change my life.”

So – here’s  the first step.

To warm up, let’s do a little playing:


Download this list, and cut these words up into individual pieces.

Values words 2017

Lay them out on a table, and begin to play with them.


Organize them into collections that seem to go together. As collections develop, you might try to name the groups. What’s the common theme?


Move the ones that don’t resonate right now to the side, but leave them on the table, because some of them might come back in as you go along.


Just take some time and see how they shift, how they group, and think about what they mean to you.


Cut out some extra slips of paper, and add words that seem to be missing, as they occur to you.


How do they feel? Notice which words seem to have energy around them – whether positive or negative.


Just notice your insights. This will put you I the mood for what’s in the handbook and audio, and make it all a little easier. Mostly, please have fun with this. It is an amazing way to learn powerful things about yourself.

If you can, leave this exploration on the table for a few days, and mess around with it as it works for you.


Once you have gotten to a point where you feel like you’ve played with this enough (whether it’s an hour or a few days) go on to begin the more formal values exploration, which is covered in this audio and handbook:

Audio File:
Accompanying pdf Handbook: