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How Tight is Your Grip?

Would you like to let life be easier? Here’s my invitation for you: Close your eyes and see your story as just what it is. A story. Everybody’s got one. Picture holding it out in front of you, like a book, and let it be just your story – not you. It’s not you, of course. It’s just a story that at this moment you are calling your story. How lightly can you hold it? How easy can you let it be to put it down, and choose a story that works better?

Hold the Beat

Drumming together is a powerful metaphor for life. In relationship, when your partner is sad, don’t go down with them, in a misguided effort to support them. Is it truly supportive to be sad along with them? Consider instead offer compassion and caring – while staying strong and happy yourself. Hold the beat. Give them a rhythm to reach for when they are ready to come back in.