Here’s what people say about the Risk, Leap, Dream, Dare program:

“I now see a way to align my purpose with my business”

When I received Scout’s e-mail announcing her 21-Day Program “Risk, Leap, Dare, Dream” I was in a very stuck place. I saw myself repeating the same patterns personally, and in my business venture. I had given up on my dreams, and didn’t even dare to envision anymore what I REALLY want in life. I had lost trust in my decision-making, in my inner guidance, in myself.

Scout’s 21-day program provided me daily with powerful new tools that helped- and still help me build confidence, trust and courage. While the journey has just begun, I feel that the program has helped me climb out of a dark, narrow pit. Personally, I am more loving and forgiving towards myself, and I dare to dream again, feel more open and confident, and happier. Professionally, I now see a way to align my purpose with my business-a huge step for me! I realize now how fear, self-criticism, lack of self-love and trust clouded my vision.

Although I have done quite some inner work before, I love Scout’s program because it is so immediately applicable and effective. I am so grateful for Scout and what she offers to the world!  – AL

“I was considering medication…”

This afternoon, free of childcare I’m taking time to reflect. What has actually happened over this last three weeks? When I started this course I was in more despair and pain than I would have cared to admit. I was considering getting medication to help me.

Week 1 – I had my BIG ‘hissy fit’ with my family that left me even more miserable, cringing in shame at my uncontrolled behaviour. But the outcome was that ‘something had to be done’ meant that different arrangements were made for extra hours of childcare so that it wasn’t all left to me.

Week 2 – The new few hours of extra time and space didn’t send me rushing to the easel as I would have hoped/expected, I ‘pottered’ tending plants in the yard, reading, journaling, being here with the lessons. Feeling calmer. Reconnected with friends I haven’t seen for months. Some more family challenges, but I’m better able to handle it. Wondering again why am I not painting.

Week 3 – The new spacious feeling causes me to start some work on getting my home in more order, clearing some space. I bought a new mirror for the bathroom and a light for the hall. There is still much to do in the rest of the house, but now I’m not defeated by the thought of it. Then time to work on the painting issue (or more accurately non-painting) issue. Coming to the understanding of the need to return to my true self, and an enormous sense of CLARITY. NOW I’m ready, ready to start to discover the paintings that are really inside me however they may be.

The thought of medication was completely forgotten until I remembered writing this where I was just three short weeks ago. This ship WAS heading for the rocks, but here it is, finding it’s course and getting acquainted with the crew. And lots of adventures ahead!!  – C

“I’m so happy to have been led to this program!”

So many times, I have compounded an emotional experience into a “crisis” by beating myself up for “failing” to apply all I’ve learned, then beating myself up for beating myself up, and on and on and on…. The progress I am noting here is the speed with which I catch myself when doing this and learning how to best calm myself down (self-sooth!) and, later, counting the whole experience as a blessing and feeling good about how far I’ve come. I’m so happy to have been led to this program!  – N

“My voice has changed!”

Day 14- Personal Power- It so spoke to me! I have known about these “three brains” for so long, but the recording brought them together in a new light and with new life! I now FEEL them- all three- activated!! Alive!! I feel a new inner strength. My voice has changed! The sound of my voice, and the clarity in it. It comes from the guts up through the heart and my voice box- mingling with the thoughts in my brain; I speak differently. Amazing!  – AL

“I really thought I was living before”

I really thought I was living before I became aware and got real with myself, through the Risk, Leap, Dream, Dare program. Looking back now, I realize what I had been doing was existing. It’s like wearing foggy glasses your whole life until someone shows you how to clean the lenses. Then everything becomes clear, more beautiful and you don’t want to close your eyes for fear of missing some of it!

The ability to chat freely on this forum is a huge part of healing and self-discovery for me. I have found so many similarities between the life stories and experiences that others have gone through. Knowing I am not alone in this is comforting and to feel supported in this is necessary. Scout’s daily audios give me insight, tools, guidance and strength and the forum gives me opportunity to share how they have helped me and learn what others have gotten out of them. – MB

“I can give myself space to explore and enjoy.”

Trust …. I listened to this a few times. Big sigh of relief. I don’t have to figure it out all at once. I can take it in small steps, evaluating as I go. I can give him space to be human. I can give myself space to explore and enjoy. big sigh.

TRUST TRUST TRUST This is a major piece that has puzzled me for a long time! I could see I didn’t have it and that I needed it. Now I know that I have to DO it and not wait for it. Wow, what a difference this seemingly little bit has made. It’s a radical shift, a big move forward, to trust myself and know when I can trust others. – LW

“I think I have been living in some sort of oblivion!!“ 

I noticed myself tonight. Sitting in the garden with my last cup of tea before bed, I yawned, and a lovely feeling came over me of knowing I was going to bed to sleep. It sounds silly, and I was surprised by it, but just knowing I was there felt amazing. I think I have been living in some sort of oblivion!!   – CL

“I’m quite sure I would never have even considered this without the work that’s being accomplished here.”

The little girl in me who has missed being playful and creative, encouraged me to play with the paint this morning! It felt so good and looked so great that I almost considered leaving my ‘love graffiti’ there permanently! Maybe I will! I’m quite sure I would never have even considered this without the work that’s being accomplished here. So full of gratitude, so loving life!  – MB

“Just knowing to have these tools gives me a sense of confidence…

To me, these recordings are like a new toolbox that I got with all kinds of different tools in it, and Scout showed us how to use them. So, when one of our pipes leak we can use this tool, when something else is stuck we can use another tool etc…Just knowing to have these tools gives me a sense of confidence…

Each time I am re-listening to one of the recordings I discover parts that I hear for the first time…there are so many layers, and it’s a life-time journey…  -A

“I am planting my feet on this ground to be part of it.”

I want to come here and express some gratitude. This is such a lovely group to be in and I can’t believe my good fortune in finding myself here. This is incredible work we are doing and I’m so grateful to Scout for everything she is providing for us here. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

I also wanted to say that the vision Scout has for doing this work -‘I see and want to live in a world filled with self-actualized people who love themselves, love each other, love the earth and act accordingly’ – is so exciting. It makes me say YES and I am planting my feet on this ground to be part of it. I’m finding the boulders a bit slippery at the moment, but now I can see there’s a way to do it. Oh so truly amazing.  – C

“Thank you for giving this to us”

I have loved every audio, and I know I will be listening to them many times, but Audio 10 was VERY special. Thank you for giving this to us Scout. – CM

“Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your journey.”

Just finished Day 10 audio. It was a great opportunity to remind myself that I would never judge others as harshly as I have judged myself. I forgive others much quicker than I forgive myself. These are things I am now changing. I think about mistakes I made as a mother to my incredible sons. I really shouldn’t even call them mistakes because I know now I was doing the very best for them that I could do at the time.

The guilt I have felt about being over protective, being that ‘helicopter’ parent and not allowing or encouraging them to explore or exercise their curiosity has eaten at me for a long while. I have figured out now that the best thing I can do for them at this point is to be authentic and real and let them see it’s safe to feel and connect and experience the world.

It is amazing to see how my little girl enters into this equation. It occurred to me tonight that she was a huge part of my parenting. She wanted to keep my kids safe to make up for the lack of safety she felt. It is quite a revelation to put all of these pieces together.

Scout, thank you for sharing your vision with us. You described the scene in the cave so well, that I felt like I was there. The interaction with your Dad was a powerful one and really made me think about my relationship with my mine. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your journey. It helps me give meaning and credence to my own visions.   – MB

“I can navigate the relationships in my life better”

I am feeling more confident that I can navigate the relationships in my life better. I don’t have to cut people out. I can figure out how to include them in ways that support me.  – LW

“Those we love and care about need us to take hold of our power”

Last night I listened to the meditation on self-value on audio 7. The idea that caught and held me was Scout saying that those we love and care about need us to take hold of our power.

Stepping into our power is not always comfortable for those we love, but it frees them in a way that our misguided love cannot. And that freedom gives them the opportunity to do what is right for them…No matter how it looks to us. And that freedom releases us to find what is right for us…no matter how it looks to them.   – LW

Here’s one more testimonial. It’s longer…and it’s well worth reading if you are on the fence about this program.

What has RLDD done for me?

My first reaction to that question is to say that it transformed me into a new person, because in many ways that’s how I feel. But, realistically, I am not a new person, I am a person more exposed.

Does that mean more vulnerable? Yes. Does it mean more authentic? Yes. Does it mean more honest? Yes. Is it frightening? Of course. Is it liberating? Certainly. Was it necessary? Critically so. Do I still have work to do? Indeed.

What was true for me before was I was serving everyone else but me. I never even thought about it. I gave away my power in the name of making life easier, more accommodating, more palatable for everyone else.

Now I am deeply in touch with the truth that making everyone else’s needs paramount to my own was not only not serving me, but it was hurting and weakening the very people I thought I was taking care of.  Especially my children.

The Pre-RLDD Marianne was obsessed with responsibility and easily consumed with guilt, blame, perfection, making sure that everything looked perfect from the outside. If you’d asked me, I would have told you I was a great daughter, sister, mother, employee, friend…because I believed I was.

However, what I was, was compliant. I was greatly compliant. Authenticity was not even a consideration. No wonder I didn’t know I had no spirit. It was caged. It was buried. Worst of all, I didn’t even know to look for it.

Post-RLDD Marianne is accepting and forgiving…..Of myself! It is important to add that part, because now I am treating myself with the kindness and acceptance I have given to others my whole life. I have learned a new language that has literally changed the way I think and respond to every situation.

I have learned it is OK to sit with my feelings and just allow them to be.

I have learned that being authentic and honest about who I am is OK and safe.

I have learned that if that it is OK to not be perfect.

I have learned that I am not responsible for anyone else’s happiness.

I have learned the best way for me to honor others is to honor and love myself.

For the first time in my life I can do all of this without guilt or feeling selfish.

Why did I decide to invest myself in this way? I didn’t.

How could I have known to even seek this work when I thought I was doing all the right things? I didn’t even know there was an option. I didn’t know I was in an uncomfortable place. I didn’t know I could give any credence to MY desires and MY dreams. I didn’t know I was worthy of that.

Which is why I say, this was much larger than me making a decision to invest in myself. My full belief is that I was brought to this by powers much stronger than myself. Much beyond my comprehension. I cannot imagine there was any way I would have found this path without some greater source of intervention.

It is my firm belief that the Universe put me in this place for a reason. This path was nowhere on my radar. The steps to get here were so unnatural and out of character for me, that I now know I was not in control of the helm. But, luckily, I held on to the wheel and stayed the course and allowed it to take me to where I am now, which is, I feel, where I am suppose to be.

How do I feel? Free. Empowered. Lighter. Open. Curious. Ready. Excited.

Do I still have work to do? Absolutely! After all I have been lead through and lead to, I am still cautiously moving forward. It is still scary stripping down to ones naked self and walking out into that meadow to dance. But, I am learning to listen to my gut and I am giving myself permission to remove another layer as I make my way up the hill to the next meadow.

I keep feeling like I am on the cusp of something big and meaningful in my life. This work has enabled me to recognize that. It is still unclear to me exactly what that means, but I am trusting that feeling and giving it a much deserved space in my life to allow it to happen.

I have had a reoccurring dream lately. It first came to me in my sleep weeks ago, but has returned multiple times recently, both while I’m awaken and asleep.

In this dream I am climbing up a mountain. It is steep and very frightening to me. It makes me queasy to look down, to look back where I started. I am bloodied from the climb. I can hear rocks displaced by my footing tumble down below me and hit bottom.  I don’t dare look down. I keep moving onward, upward.

By the time I get to the top of the mountain I realize that the reason it was such a difficult climb was because my arms were no longer there. Somehow, as I climbed, they had disappeared!

I sit on the top of the mountain and instead of criticizing myself for taking so long to get up the mountain or for being sad or angry about all the cuts and bruises I got along the way, I marvel at how I made it all the way up without arms, without hands. I was pretty damn amazing!

I begin to give thanks to myself for getting me to this place despite the hardships. Then, at the moment I completely love and appreciate myself and truly accept myself with my imperfect body, I look down to find that my arms have been replaced by beautiful, strong wings……and then I fly.

THAT is what is true for me now.


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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” –Mary Oliver

“And tell me, when is it you plan to do that?” –Scout Wilkins