I love to share what people say about the time we spend together, because it can help you understand what is possible in real-world results. Here are a few recent notes I have received:

Working with you has given me back my life.

I just had an insight about my experience, which I wanted to share with you…

Before I worked with you, I was stuck. The “presenting problem” was that I couldn’t work out how to earn a good living, but I was also stuck in other ways as well. It was like I was perched on a tiny ledge, high up and halfway across a rock face, afraid to go up or down or sideways, not knowing which direction to move in. I had been stuck there for so long – too many years.  And it was getting more and more uncomfortable where I was, on my tiny ledge. I was running out of energy. I’d tried many, many things and I knew I couldn’t get going again on my own.

And, two years later, I am now the opposite of stuck. I have an amazing abundance of possibilities in my life, new adventures, large and small. My energy levels are usually great, and when they’re not, I know how to listen to them and act accordingly. My life is full of love and fun and joy and creative new ventures. Sure, I haven’t solved everything, but I don’t think I need to, and I don’t think that’s the point anyway.

It wasn’t easy, when I started working with you. It was actually incredibly hard – like persuading someone to start moving again when they’re frozen in fear, halfway across a rock face. It took me three or four months before I started to notice new things happening. And it has taken me two years to be able to reflect on the changes that have happened in my life. But, it worked. It really, truly worked.

When I started working with you, I couldn’t see how it could happen, but I just knew something had to change.

I remember you saying: “throw your heart over the jump and the horse will follow.” Well, I did, and it did, and here we are!

Thank you Scout, from the bottom of my heart! Working with you has given me back my life.

With Love,


New Zealand

This is the best money I have ever spent in my whole life…

When I first became interested in working with Scout as my coach, it was because I loved her marketing style.  My desire was to gain her expertise to help me better express my purpose and passion as a coach in marketing my business.  I already had a few clients and wanted to expand what I was doing, but I didn’t want to use some of the strategies of traditional marketing that didn’t feel true to me.

What unfolded for me was even more fun and expansive than I could have imagined!  A romantic relationship that had just begun for me prior to speaking with Scout is now blossoming in ways that feel delicious and authentic … and it is happening so naturally.  In the past, I was guarded and skeptical where now I am open to love, joy, and pleasure.

This is in addition to my discovering how to ideally present my heart-felt intentions to gain new clients in my own coaching practice.  I value the spiritually centered “how-to” business coaching I’ve received from other leaders.  But after only a few weeks of working with Scout, I can honestly say – This is the best money I have ever spent in my whole life

Renée Brown, Marketing Consultant & Life Vision Coach

P.S. I realized this past week that the rigidity in my body in recent months was my resistance to an unconscious forcing myself to move forward with my business in ways that didn’t feel true to me, because I couldn’t figure out what DID feel true.  Of course, this is precisely what brought me to YOU!  Now, I am able to let those fears subside as I am getting better and better able to trust that I can be PURE ME and have wonderful success in ways that are fun and fulfilling!

My new focus is being both PURE ME and enjoying success in ways that feeds my spirit 😉 YAY!!!

I am excited to be giving myself credit for what I have to offer…

THANK YOU for all you have done for me – and the tremendous help you have been and the incredible changes I have experienced since we started working together.

Today was very cool and powerful.  I had so many thoughts that I did not get to share, as I went into some kind of “zone” – which was wonderful.  It was interesting that you kept talking about the chair supporting me and I flashed on that old “trust” exercise where you close your eyes and fall backwards, trusting your partner will catch you.  I realized that that is exactly what the Universe does – it catches us.  All the time.

I also kept having a vision of my inner “little girl.”  Only this time she was not nearly so young or little – much more grown up and she kept standing up out of a chair – standing tall and standing up for herself.  Which makes me excited to continue to explore the role / idea / beliefs I have regarding standing up for myself.  Permission.  Ability to.  Fear of.  Etc.

I am also excited to explore the ideas around my role and contribution to things in general and work and relationships specifically.  Giving myself credit for what I have to offer and what I bring to the party.

Finally, today I have had several email exchanges with a person I’ve had a lot of conflict with in the past.  I am actually very proud of myself.  I said what I needed to say strongly, but I hope kindly enough.

She kept pushing – saying that I was “self-sabotaging.”  That made me smile, actually, because I thought,

“This may be the least self-sabotaging thing I have ever done.”

Bottom line, I did not buy into her drama, I did not get physically or emotionally upset, and I stood my ground and claimed some power.  That all feels very, very good.

With so much love and appreciation,

Maria Gavin
Film Producer



My path ahead became profoundly clear

“I had begun a master’s program in a field I was extremely passionate about, loving every second of it, and yet while working very hard I couldn’t find the clarity I was looking for around where I could really take what I was learning. I wanted to feel completely lit up, in awe, and totally inspired by my ultimate goal – and I could not see nor feel that goal clearly.

I reached out to Scout for some one-on-one coaching. In 15 minutes, Scout had helped me to de-fog and cut through the ‘grey’ areas to get to the crystalized goal that I was holding in my heart.

My path ahead became profoundly clear, I felt calm yet quietly very, very excited. There were now some big games to play and a roasting fire lit inside.”

– JF


I can operate in the world from a place of openness…

“…I leaned my head against the railing and relaxed. Yes, I said, and thank you. Finally I can stop, finally I feel grounded and centered and supported and nourished.   Thank you for this house, thank you for this back yard where I can return every day, and thank you for the connection that allows me to carry that with me through the day. From this place I have something to give, I can operate in the world from a place of openness and from a place of gratitude and fullness.

I came back into the house realizing I was completely open, feeling the energy of the house itself, cool and inviting and supportive and protecting. It too is my home and has become part of me and I part of it and I am grateful.

Thank you, Scout, for helping me to come to this place (both physically and metaphorically).”


How high can I fly?

“I spoke with Scout because I had an important meeting coming up and I was concerned that I was being set up for failure in this meeting. Scout and I spoke on our regular coaching call and she helped me reframe my anxiety – I realized that I was in danger of sabotaging the meeting myself, with my expectations of a negative outcome.  

She walked me through two exercises that helped me understand how I could acknowledge my fears and change my expectations.  I left that call with a welcome sense of calm and some tools to help me prepare for a successful meeting. 

The meeting itself turned out to be very different from my original expectations – exceptionally positive on all counts.  It was clear to me that the “me” I brought to this meeting – a confident, experienced and calm “me” – was responsible for that difference. 

I left the meeting, and this whole experience, wondering what else could be possible for me?  The experience showed me how powerful my own negative thoughts and expectations could be, as well as how successful I could be when I change those thoughts and expectations. 

How high can I fly? I’m interested in finding out.”

MD, Innovation Professional


Because it feels so right…

“I feel so pleased that I have gotten to a stage where I am now doing this work out of my own free will, because it feels right – rather than out of a sense of desperation and looking for a way to relieve the pain and discomfort. There’s a big difference!
With love and appreciation”
– AB


It is remarkable how quickly I was able to change my ingrained patterns of thinking

“I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed my session with you, in 30 minutes you managed to get to the heart of my problem and not only did you give my practical steps I can use whenever I need to, but the most important part was the emotional shift I felt. It is remarkable how quickly I was able to change my ingrained patterns of thinking after talking to you. Thank you so much for the change I have experienced because of you.”





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“After working with Scout I doubled my income – but that was only the start. My relationship with my husband is better than it’s ever been in our 25 years together, my family is happier…it was THE BEST decision I ever made.” –Deborah Wilson, Australia




Listen to what Laura has to say:   Laura Routlegde had lost five loved ones in 13 months, and was filled with confusion and fear. Now –I have a feeling of well being that hasn’t been there in a very long time. It’s going to be another cycle of life that’s going to be far more meaningful …successful…happy…productive…and far more contributing than it’s beenThis is the best decision I’ve made for a number of years. It has just been so good for me. To me, what I think of it as is the inner diamond. It’s there – you just have to find your way to it.” – Laura Routledge, Alberta, Canada

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I specialize in helping women who are doing fine or even great – and want more peace in the process. Women who want to love their life more, feel more vibrant, and explore how very much is possible in this magical life of ours. Women who know that life is not meant to be the struggle we have turned it into; that there is way more untapped energy available, that there is way more going on here than meets the eye – and are determined to move in that direction.


Women who are ready to flow and love and laugh,

rather than push, battle, defend, or contract, be so careful, and stay small.


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