Space Enough and Time Enough

Stepping back into your life, and taking your power into the world

Small group retreats

In these retreats we explore and take in what it truly means to be a powerful influential woman in 2019 and beyond.

What does it mean to be part of this adventure of the feminine energy rising on the planet? How do we release generations of judgment, and evolve into being the masterful, beautiful, loving women we know ourselves to be?

How do we bring personal power fully online, for ourselves and future generations?

This is a live retreat for 8 women from the winter deepening experience, who want to go even deeper and find their power together in person and on the land.

I will bring everything I know and all of who I am into supporting you to own your authority, and take your beautiful power into the world.

I will hold the door open for you to explore, feel and step into the best action for you, based on right relation as you understand it, at your own true pace.

As you will experience, being in right relation with yourself creates the condition in which the entire power of the universe can move through you, ready for you to direct as you will. 

Experience the awe of your loving, open hearted intention, backed up by the powerful structure inherent in the natural world you belong to and are a part of. Fully supported.

This is what I will teach you, as you are ready, able, and willing.

What’s included

Room and board, with delicious healthy food

All activity expenses

What’s involved

Walks in nature, painting, collage, visioning/imagining

Labyrinth walks

Full moon picnics

And More!

Pricing coming soon!

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