Welcome to the

Traveling LIGHT Personal Breakthrough Session

Congratulations and thank you for joining me on this path!

You have chosen to step into your biggest self, past your fear and doubt, into a place of great possibility.

With the intention of releasing the things inside that are holding you back.

This is also a place of the great unknown.

You are choosing to move out of your comfort zone, in a very big way…so know that it is natural to feel fear, doubt, trepidation, and so many other emotions in that vein.

This means you are in EXACTLY the right place.

Your fear and doubt are truly to be celebrated, and here's why:

The size and scope of your fear is truly a measurment of how huge this transformation will be. It means that you are stepping up in the biggest possible way.

So that you can bring your gifts to the world, whatever they are, also in the biggest possible way.

Your gift may be to have a wildly successful business so that you can lead by example and change the world…it may be to live the most simple, peaceful life imaginable.

And it may be anything in between.

You may not know what your gift is, and that may be your project – to release whatever is in between you and that knowing.

My bottom line premise, which I have never seen disproven, is that everyone is here with a unique and beautiful offering.

Yours is inside of you, waiting to be gently and lovingly brought into the world so it can shine.

The fact that you have made this choice puts you in rare company.

For most people, it is so much easier to stay small, to give in to the fear, and to move on through their days letting it be OK to be where they are, even if their gift remains buried.

And that is fine. Everyone lives at their own pace.

I chose differently, and so have you.

My work and my passion is to guide the people like you who ARE ready – beyond ready – to get everything out of the way, to where they can shine in the world.

I was in the stuck place, and I found the person to help me get out of it.

I am now turning around and lending you the hand that was offered to me. There is an amazing world outside of that stuck place.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for reaching out, joining hands and engaging at this level.

This will change your world, and our world. 

Let's go!

The first step is to fill out this form, and register so that you get all the initial pieces in a timely fashion.




Here's what you can expect next:

You will receive notes, recordings, video links, and homework over the next month which will all be designed to bring you into a deeper and deeper awareness
of your model of the world.

You will also be receiving a physical packet in the mail – there's information about that in an upcoming e-mail.

As your awareness deepens, you will be able to make conscious choices in areas that previously seemed completely out of your control.

You will begin to loosen your grip on your model of the world, which will allow change to be far easier than you have anticiated in the past.

All of this immersion will set the stage for the Personal Breakthrough Session itself, our two-day intensive when we'll meet, in about a month, to go deep and do the major change work.

There will be more information coming about that as you go along. I will be sending you some homework specific to that session, and instructions for how to set up your space, and how to think about that time together.

After that, we will have the follow-up calls needed to make sure everything is integrated and flowing smoothly.

You will also have received, as part of the breakthrough work, a personal hypnotic induction which you will be listening to and benefiting from for at least a month, and as much longer beyond that as you like (I have had clients who are still listening to and loving their tapes, years later)

For now, fill out the form, and prepare for the ride!!

And remember – while it's big work… it's also a lightening.

Please, prepare to laugh, (and cry), and relax into it.

Be easy with this – and be easy with yourself.

Our one rule is no self judgement...(not even when you catch yourself judging youself!)

Know that the easier you are on yourself, the easier it all will be.

Two key thoughts, that you will hear from me repeatedly:

Gratitude and forgiveness are the grease on the wheels of change; Judgment is the glue that holds hard things in place.

Be easy on yourself.