Note to Lightworkers
and other Sensitive Animals

As Lightworkers and highly sensitive humans, we spend a lot of time feeling into, thinking and talking about energetic connection, and how things are different than they appear.

It’s wonderful, stimulating and exciting..and it can be quite theoretical.

Getting out into the world and LIVING the experience of this level of connection can be a whole different thing, to your thinking mind.

To your BODY, however, this level of energetic awareness and connection is absolutely natural. It is how animals move through the world.

I invite you to come experience living in and watching your body move through the world as an animal – the animal you actually are. View yourself differently, from the inside out. FEEL what it means to respect and love your self. Not as a separate human creature, but as an animal hosting a human thinking self.

Experience yourself as an integral part of the web of life – respectful of the laws that affect all life, able to take advantage of the profound awareness that our animal bodies carry.

In our explorations we will dance between being in normal, every day situational awareness and a new situational SELF awareness, considering how you are treating yourself – your animal – in this situation.

It’s kind of mind-blowing.  And it can open the door to vastly increased behavioral flexibility, expanding the boundaries of what’s possible.

To achieve anything, a person has to feel READY, WILLING AND ABLE.

Ready, Willing and Able.

What do those really mean to me?

Do they feel true?

Am I Ready? YES. There is no doubt. This is the time I came for, and I am ready for it. This is the time we came for, and we are ready for it.

AM I Able? YES. Between us all, we have the skills, the insights, the technology, the ability to resolve trauma, to move out of scarcity, into a time of generosity. I can lean on these skills and come through to the other side.

Am I Willing?

Can I be?

This willingness, for me, has been the crux.  The way I envision this is that my animal does not yet trust my mind, and it is not able to be willing until my mind comes to understand and respect and trust the sensitivity of the animal body that it lives inside.

My experience of being a highly sensitive person, and working to help other sensitives is that there is deep personal trauma associated with our culturally inherited judgment of our animal selves.

I have come to consider self-judgment as the state of my human mind attacking my sensitive animal self.

Willingness is an absolutely essential element for being able to live a fully engaged life.

And willingness is a key element that is lost, in self judgment.

As we move around Zion National Park, we will be exploring this way of thinking, this idea of learning about and honoring (rather than judging) our animal selves. In my experience, this approach brings new levels of willingness to not just forgive and love your body, but to let go, to open up and to truly honor and earn the trust of the amazing animal body that carries your soul around.

Which makes your animal far more willing to work with you.

Helping build this mutual willingness to trust and honor yourself from both perspectives – your mind honoring your animal, and your animal trusting your mind – is my work and my passion.

There will be ZERO pushing or shaming. This will be a camp of safety, fun and learning. I very much look forward to spending this time with you!

Thank you.