Are you ready to move from being one who hasn’t yet…

…to being one who does?

Sometimes people call me a badass. I have mused about what that really means…and this is what it means to me:

A badass is a woman who knows and accepts herself deeply, feels confident and acts accordingly, ready willing and able to speak up authentically…

A badass is a wise woman who tries new things with powerful capacity, maintains poise and humor through apparent catastrophe and leads the way for others to do the same…

A badass is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, able to trust herself, ask about what she doesn’t know with an open heart and mind, is able to engage in open conversation about difficult things, without getting emotionally triggered – and able to recover quickly when she is…

In short, a badass is a woman who shows up authentically, masterfully expressing herself creatively with joy love, abandon and power. And a woman who accepts and loves herself anyway, when she feels small and alone.

Are you ready to become a BADASS in your own life?

This decision will change every relationship in your life, beginning with your relationship with yourself. Witness yourself becoming willing to say YES and commit fully and powerfully to what you love, while saying NO clearly and with peaceful power to what you don’t want, or is no longer a fit.

I am inviting you to get on the phone with me and experience what it is like to shift your energy from resistance to willingness.

When you sign up for this session, get ready to feel something very different.

First, I’ll lead take you inside to help you get really clear about what your heart wants.

Then we’ll find the resistance.

We’ll actually speak to the resistance, and more importantly, we will listen to it. In the process you will FEEL the lightness and space that the listening creates.

This is a process of deep appreciation and integration that will happen in about 30 minutes.

Why do I offer something so valuable for free?

In my work, I offer a journey into and through amazing territory. There’s really no way to describe it. The best way for me to connect with the people who want to go on this journey with me is through experiencing the possibility,  and getting a taste of what it feels like.

This is a free offering from my heart. Joining me for a session does not in any way obligate you to do anything further with me. I am in full trust that the right people will show up and we will proceed from there.

This session is for you if you are ready to settle for nothing less than the true freedom of being exactly who you are.

I look forward to speaking with you. Please e-mail me for more information.