Sound vibration has become widely recognized as a direct connection with our DNA: clearing, stimulating and activating the energy in our systems in a way that bypasses any resistance created in the use of language.

These crystal bowls will take you on a journey through your own past, present and future in a way that ties things together, connects the dots, calls forth understanding and forgiveness and moves your entire system to an immediate higher vibration.

The Crystal Bowls are beautiful emissaries and guides for transitions of all kinds.

They can bring wonderful, brilliant delight to the most joyous and triumphant of occasions, and gentle joy and celebration to even the deepest grief and loss, and everything in between.

Half and full day workshops are available in which I combine the teachings of the bowls with the life principles I have learned and developed through my lifetime of guiding.

In these gatherings I help you map over the experience of high vibration to specific areas of your life, like relationships, health or finances, in which things may be a little more challenging.