If you want to explore and vastly deepen your willingness and ability to trust,
canyoneering is a GREAT place to start.

Steeping into something so new and intimidating, working with professionals who will help you work through your fears with respect and lightheartedness, staying perfectly safe and yet challenging every cell in your body to do things that seem crazy…it all makes for a great day that will map over into your entire life.

The breathtaking beauty that you find in the canyon country is like nothing you’ve ever seen. The stillness almost makes your ears hurt. Textures, colors, sinuous, serpentine pathways carved through solid rock.

An occasional canyon wren on the cliff above you, singing its haunting, descending tune.

Imagine it.

You can go there, feel what it’s like to be in a place it feels like so few have been.

All of this in safety, having fun, and learning.

Working with smart, capable, experienced guides who will help you have a very, very good experience as you reset your life for another chapter.

Returning home having done something so far out of your comfort zone, so totally unexpected and amazing, that it will have you lit up, alive and ready to try other new things that gave you pause before.